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(2024-06-17 18:25Z)About Henk Reints
(2024-02-06 07:43Z)What Newton & Einstein wrote about assumptions
i.e. why THEY are the top two of fundamental science.
(2024-06-04 08:42Z)Galaxy Rotation & Dark Matter
The stuff is not necesary;
Keplerian decline is a completely wrong expectation.
(2021-12-13 14:24Z)Gravitational Lensing & Dark Matter
The stuff is not necesary.
(2024-06-04 12:02Z)Resolution of the Twin Paradox
(2023-02-25 08:44Z)Lorentzcontra(di)ctie (in Dutch).
(2024-06-18 16:55Z)Dive into a Black Hole
What REALLY happens.
(2023-05-02 14:10Z)Escape from a Black Hole?
(2024-05-31 20:21Z)The correct Hubble-Lemaître law
and the age of distant galaxies.
(2024-06-05 13:31Z)The geometry of the universe
It definitely is a 3-sphere
as derived from the Subaru Deep Field
& the SDSS Quasar Catalog : SDSS:DR16Q_v4.fits.
Other important documents:
a:(2022-04-06 08:10Z)The mass of the universe & the Gravitational Constant
b:(2024-01-08 10:18Z)The sun's corona
c:(2021-06-10 07:49Z)The mystery of the missing wave periods
More documents at:
Summary of major flaws in cosmology
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