Cosmic distance and age
using the one and only correct Hubble-Lemaître law, see HR-Hubble-Lemaitre-slideshow.pdf
Last updated: 2023-11-08T19:55Z
Parameters:   Hubble constant:  km/s/Mpc
Hubble distance:  Gly,   Hubble time:  Ga
ΛCDM bunkum:   ΩΛ   Ωm   Ωr   Ωkn/a
Redshift (z):          
Angular size:   dim.less true
        Absolute size (3-spherical geometry):   
        Absolute size (Euclidean geometry):   
Our frame:  dim.less true
    Current proper distance:   
    Observed distance = light travel distance:   
    Light travel time = lookback time:   
Object's frame:  dim.less true
    Proper lookback time:   
    Proper age = observed age:   
ΛCDM bunkum:  dim.less true
    Bunkum light travel distance/time:   
Light travel ΛCDM / true: 
    Bunkum object age:   
    Bunkum comoving distance:   
Comoving / true proper distance: 
    Bunkum transverse comoving distance:   
    Bunkum angular diameter distance:   
    Bunkum luminosity distance:   
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See HR-Cosmic-distances.pdf for a list of many values,
including 3-spherical conversion from angular to true size.
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