Resolution of the Twin Paradox
Nature refused it:
In the present case, while your findings may well prove stimulating to others' thinking about such questions, I regret that we are unable to conclude that the work provides the sort of firm advance in general understanding that would warrant publication in Nature.
arXiv refused it:
This repository is only for substantive self-contained scientific research results that would be considered refereeable for publication in a conventional journal. Our moderators have determined that your submission is not of plausible interest for arXiv. As a result, we have removed your submission. For feedback, consider sending this to a conventional journal. Please note that arXiv moderators are not referees and do not provide feedback or detailed reviews.
But I insist it IS important to science!
Please read my paper on the resolution of the twin paradox:
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Click here to see how Einstein himself gave rise to the twin paradox.
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