Steganography demo file

The 290 KB image below contains a hidden file.
The message can be retrieved as follows:
  1. download the image to C:\temp\hr$stegademo.bmp
  2. download my steganography tool to C:\temp
  3. extract all files from the zip file to C:\temp
  4. open a Command Prompt window
  5. type: "CD /D C:\temp" and hit the Enter key
  6. type: "cscript C:\temp\hr$stega.wsf  /reveal  hr$stegademo.bmp"
    and hit the Enter key
  7. enter the password: "steganography" and hit the Enter key
  8. wait until the script completes, it may take some time
  9. it will end with a message about a file it has written
  10. open that file